Factors that influence personality


Music helps us to see what surrounds us in another way, it also affects the way we feel and interact with the another people


Our family is an important factor in our personality, they are usually the people we hang out with the most, and we end up adopting attitudes from them that help us create our personality


TextOur friends help us to see life from another perspective, they are also the people with whom we relate the most, their attitudes can also influence our personality

Movies, Series

Although it may not seem like it, movies or series have an influence on our personality, since when we see a character with we identify and we would like to seem we begin to imitate them or try to be like them


The society is part of our environment, and it is one of the factors that most affects our personality, being surrounded by many people we end up adapting attitudes that create our personality.

Yasuri Yamilet Muñiz García

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